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Raw Milk Vending Machine
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Kromel Raw Milk Vending Machine; consists of an industrial refrigerator with dimensions of 88 x 88 x 230 cm, housed in a single tank of 50 + 50 liters. The retractable dispenser ensures proper dosing of the product.


By means of money receivers, it is possible to pay in cash with coins or banknotes. It also has the ability to work with prepaid magnetic card systems. Operates by liter selection and offers payment options such as giving barcodes.


The product is filled with a 50 + 50 lt. tank, which is transported to the machine and maintained at 4 °C thanks to the thermal insulation supplied. The product may be re-used by replacing the empty tank (including pump and nozzle) with a full one or by adding the product onto it. This section is made entirely of stainless steel. Features a cover that closes automatically against foreign objects.


The dispenser compartment is cleaned by spraying a certain amount of hygiene fluid after each feed to prevent bacterial load.


All parts in our systems that come into contact with milk are certified for being suitable for foodstuffs.


The service door is airtight. It can be opened manually, closes automatically and has a locking system when not operated. When the money is inserted, the service door is unlocked automatically. This system provides a better hygiene safety in the dispenser compartment.


The germicidal lamp, which is placed in the dispensing chamber, helps to reduce the bacterial load in the chamber by using UV rays.


Electronic panel, GSM modem (Optional), USB input, SD memory card (Option), LCD display


Money reading

Giving out the appropriate amount of milk

Temperature of the milk in the tank

Flushing cycle of the supply system

Level of the milk in the tank

SMS signal for the amount of milk available

SMS signal when the milk tank is empty

SMS signal that the temperature has exceeded the limit

SMS signal that the machine is faulty


When the tank containing the product is empty, the machine gives a warning. Empty tank, pump and feeding nozzle are replaced for hygiene during washing.


The product is stored at a temperature of 4 °C by a sensor directly monitored by the control unit. If the temperature exceeds 4 °C, the machine automatically gives an error, as its integrity is impaired. In the event of a power failure, a buffer battery that supplies the electronic system allows monitoring of the internal temperature and maintaining of the data/settings. The machine starts automatically when power is restored and the temperature does not reach 4 °C.


Peymak Raw Milk Vending Machine

Standard Capacity

50+50 LT

Max. Capacity

50+50 LT


50-50 LT

Cooler Temperature

0-4 °C



Tank Capacity

50-400 LT

Milk Filling System

Self-priming pump

Filling Rate

3 LT / MIN.

Average Consumption

1,4/1,7 KW/H

Product Mixing Feature

Programmable mechanism


88 * 88 * 230 mm (can be positioned in the compartment)


Coin-Paper Money- Pre-Paid

Remote Monitoring

GSM Communication




KROMEL manufactures has accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety, ISO 10002 Customer satisfaction processes and our company has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 10002:2004 certificates.

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